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                Devastation II 


Release Date:  01/13/21

Devastation 2 – Repatriation is a revolutionized 3D “Blast them to hell!” shoot ‘em up bullet hell arcade style game.

jacked with intense ACTION! Literally! The alien horde has returned, but how? To take over the intergalactic web? With alien malware technology called the Byterrians?

Time to bust out the back up software and eradicate these suckers once and for all!

Available for Windows

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Now on Steam!



Annihilate the alien race

Released Date: 02/05/20

Unity 2D Shoot'em up bullet hell action game designed in 2D

Devastate the alien race with destructive power of upgraded weapons and nukes. Show them that one ship can conquer them all!

Available on Windows.
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Treasure Quest 

Curse of the Black Jewel

Unity 3D dungeon crawling action RPG designed in a first person perspective!

Slash your way through  dungeons exploring for sacred treasure and save conquest island from corruption.


A talented left handed individual that thrives on creativity. Based in Canada in a small Province of Nova Scotia. From a young age he grew up building things out of cereal boxes, cutting card board to design computers, games, cars, guns, swords and shields.

Introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System, the SEGA genesis, Super Nintendo and PC games on Windows 95 Growing up, he Always had the dream to work on games but was very young and never had the tools we have today.

From 2012 to 2016 he was designing graphic wallpapers as well as user interface designs for websites, He also composed music as a hobby, combining  to a total of 71 songs which equaled out to 6 albums.


From 2016, nudged by friends and family to take a course doing what he enjoyed at NSCC. During a mock interview with Red Space that was hosted by the school he was considered as someone who wore a lot of hats, or a jack of all trades among some of the faculty at NSCC.


After graduation in the Video Game Development course, he found his passion and building video games has filled every aspect of his creativity, Unfortunately at the time jobs were not available for individuals with less than 3-5 years of game development experience.


Taking matters in his own hands he started building games from bottom up on his own. As of February 5th 2020 he successfully announced his release of his first ever game on Valve's "Steam" gaming network for PC called Devastation - Annihilate the Alien Race.

Work Ethics

I take the up most pride in my work, after collage it became a full time hobby for me. Usually I will work on one specific gaming aspect like graphics or music, then switch to another like programming or UI.


I do not have a specific preference on what to work on but my ability is quick to adapt to what needs to be done. It's the same with programming, I don't have a preference on types of code but rather to make things work.

I have lead teams in the past to work on an idea or project that we all would collaborate on and share inspiring ideas. We would make a scope and meet deadlines on time.


Each person would be assigned a small project task which, would be put into a position where they are depended on to have the project piece finished where is needed in the scope. We would make adjustments accordingly if the person(s) task would be completed early or late.

Since the start of my game development career I'm very persistent with work, I have juggled multiple jobs, spent countless (days) learning, exploring, creating, programming just to build a game.


All in all, game development defined my personality, I have always been an extremely creative person. Designing games gives me the tools to bring out the best out from my personality. 


I like to build games from the roots of old school gaming. When creating games the idea is to build something unique to the eye, allowing the player to explore features of the game and browse through items and obstacles that are enjoyable.


The game play experience I would like to portray should satisfy the player by achievement or intense action. Most of my games are based from top leading games that made old school gaming for me, like Descent, Unreal tournament, Doom, Zelda, Landstalker, Quake & Duke Nukem.


Most of my game ideas are from playing games, I would think of one instance or spectrum from one game and try to redesign it with programming I've been quite successful and proud I'm able to replicate ideas from just looking at it and building a diagram in my head.


Although I feel as if it's copying an idea, but part of my learning curve has excelled by recreating pieces from games and having the functionality work as the same. It gives me that "aha" or "clear" moment and gives me the same experience that previous developers got when designing that idea.



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