Personal PC Unity Builds//

FYI: Games in this category can require a controller input to your PC to play, as noted other games may require keyboard and mouse.

Please Be aware that most games are incomplete and have bugs that may interfere with game mechanics or game play. 

Devastation II - Repatriation
Development build v_18 [PC only]
Devastation - ATAR
Full Game - [1-4 Players] Finished (PC/Mac) Controller
Treasure Quest - COTBJ
Demo - [1 Player (1Hr+ game play)] Minimal Bugs (PC) Controller, Mouse/Keyboard
Destiny Venture - LOTC
Full Game - Bugs [1 Player] (PC) Mouse/Keyboard
Demo - Small Bugs [1 player (1-3 Levels)] (PC) Mouse/Keyboard, Controller
Incomplete - Bad Character Controller [1 Player] (PC) Mouse/Keyboard
Full Game - Small Bugs/Fps issues [1 Player](PC) Mouse/Keyboard
Demo - Bugs (PC) [1 Player (1-3 Levels)] Mouse/Keyboard, Controller
Virus Transmission
Incomplete - Small bugs [2 Player Only] (PC) Controller
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