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First Person Shooter in Development!!


                Virvius [Ver-Vee-Us]


In Development from: 03/08/21

Virvius - is a first person, Arcade Boomer Shooter, PC game inspired by the quake and doom series by Id software/Bethesda and in celebration of Quakes 25th Anniversary.

This is the best Game I've ever developed!

Better UI, Better AI, Better graphics all designed by me!

The development of this games idea is a successor from one of the first PC games I've developed in early 2017 for unity Called Hellfire

Available for Windows

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3D Shoot'em Up 
on Steam!


                Devastation II 


Released on: 01/13/21

Devastation 2 – Repatriation is a revolutionized 3D “Blast them to hell!” shoot ‘em up bullet hell arcade style game.

jacked with intense ACTION! Literally! The alien horde has returned, but how? To take over the intergalactic web? With alien malware technology called the Byterrians?

Time to bust out the back up software and eradicate these suckers once and for all!

Available for Windows

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2D Shoot'em up
on Steam!



Annihilate the alien race

Released: 02/05/20

2D Shoot'em up bullet hell action game designed in 2D.

Devastate the alien race with destructive power of upgraded weapons and nukes. Team up locally or solo to conquer them all!

Available on Windows.
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First Person
Dungeon Crawler!


Treasure Quest 

Curse of the Black Jewel

Unity 3D dungeon crawling action RPG designed in a first person perspective! Slash your way through  dungeons exploring for sacred treasure and save conquest island from corruption.

Available on Windows.

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