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This is a preview of my after effects videos, most of them i Begin in Photoshop, build the required overlays and interface images, then import all of the images into After Effects. I then key frame the videos, add transitions, rotations scaling  music that I made etc and BAM! music video!


I had a side job working for a Pharmaceutical company building After Effect video advertisements weekly, This job was lost due to covid.

Enfenyx Boot INtro 2022

Virvius Intro Screen (Quake 2 Version)

Virvius Start Screen

Rain Effect using After Effects

Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.28.03
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.27.37
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.36.29
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.26.35
Screenshot (480).png
Screenshot (481).png
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