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Virvius Beta/Alpha                                                                   Platforms: Windows, Steam
Early Access (Coming Soon)                                           
Release Date: TBA


a first person, Horror Boomer Shooter, inspired by Dark Fantasy FPS games from the 90's

Scour through the fallen foundry, obscuring demonic-hanical enemies and creatures whilst plundering to your death or circumvent through harsh environments and traps.


Let the gun do the talking, so sit back,

relax and blow things to pieces!

Bringing back the old school experience of boomer shooter games from the 90's,


designed passionately with enfenyx style.


Screenshot (13).png
Myke Wills

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Current Development & game plans

​Outside of the Project

  • Release Early Access On steam

  • Dedicated discord

  • Early access Trailer

  • QA Testing 

  • Looking for Publishers

​Inside of the project

  • Total of 6/20 enemies

  • total of 0/5 bosses

  • Music for each level

  • Total of 5/10 levels

  • Total of 1/4 episodes

  • In game Console tools

​Outside of the Project

  • Full game On steam

  • Full Game on Xbox

  • Full Game On Playstation

  • Full Game on Nintendo

  • Full Game on windows Store

​Inside of the project

  • Total of 20 enemies

  • total of 5 bosses

  • Total of 40 levels

  • Online Multiplayer 

  • Achievements

  • No game Bugs 

Previous work

Treasure_quest_build_demo_ (101919) Screenshot 2019.10.20 - 00.56.49_edited.jpg
Cover Art_edited.jpg
Screenshot (55)_edited.jpg

Project Donations

Do you want to contribute to the project and help out the cause?

Donations go towards developmental costs to keep the project running.
Although donations may not be part of the game purchase,
it will aid toward getting a release of the game 
in the future.

Follow me below!

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